Sheer luxury common rail Ingenuity

With it's outstanding 2.4 turbo diesel motor with quick and responsive acceleration and braking power designed and engineered to impress. More luxury for your money well spent. The double cab with 4x4 and 4x2 are built to withstand and handle all African terrains


SWB + LWB Series

JMC Carrying provides cargo configurations for every job with SWB & LWB: Drop Sides, Van Bodies and Tippers.

Take your pick.

Power + Performance

2.8L Diesels Turbo Charged

SWB Fuel Consumption 8 L/100km

LWB Fuel Consumption 9 L/100km

Max Power 84kW; Max Torque 235Nm

Safety + Load Capacity

Vacuum Assisted Hydraulic Brake System

SWB 1.6 Ton Loading Capacity

LWB 2.8 Ton Loading Capacity

Power + Performance

JMC Carrying Models are economical. Power is 84kW/3600 with maximum torque of 235Nm@2300 from a 2.8 litre Diesel Engine – the same engine that is No. 1 in the diesel segment of Chinese light commercial manufacturers for the last 12 years and exported to over 110 countries in the world.

Supported by excellent parts and service support and a meaningful warranty. Pick up your business with a JMC. You only need a Code 08 driving license for the SWB – a huge bonus.

LWB Drop Sides

SWB Tipper

LWB Van Body

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JMC Paarl has been proudly serving the public since 2003 as part of the JMC South Africa family.
Damon Auto provides full sales and after sales backing for all JMC South Africa vehicles, including honouring all warranties, service and maintenance plans, parts supply and all other areas of after sales support for the JMC bakkie range.

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